How can you recover files deleted or lost from your camera SD card?

If because of any reason some files are lost or deleted from SD card, you can recover it if you use the right tools. If this happens, you should stop the usage of the SD card. You should actually disconnect the device from where it is attached or connected to and then stored in safe place where it can’t get damaged easily. There are free as well as paid ways of recovering data lost from SD card.

For assured recovery you should download the Photo Recovery software and then follow the simple steps below to recover the files accidentally deleted from your SD card.

First, run the photo recovery software after you’ve connected the SD card to your computer. Select the button titled Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Secondly, select SD card drive then click on Scan Now. If it is only recovery of pictures from the SD card which is required, simply click the button titled Advance Scan. A new window will pop up; simply click the photo on the right then select the picture formats that are to be recovered and finally click the Scan Now button.

Thirdly, during the process if scanning, the recovery tool will provide simultaneous recoverable files previews. Once the can is complete, the files that can be recovered with be listed in the form of tree view so as to make the process of selection easy. At this stage, you should simply choose the files that you want to recover and then click the button titled recover to begin the process of SD card recovery.