How to Recover Lost Data from Crashed Hard Drive

The most painful thing of having your computer crash is the loss of all the data. Your computer may store photos that hold years of precious memories, important business documents and projects that took weeks to get together. The only thing that can save you this pain is if you had backed up all these data into a memory stick or CD. However, even if you had not backed up the data, there is still hope of recovering it.

One option that you have is having a repair service go at it. This is effective but it may be expensive especially when it comes to recovering data. It may cost up to $1000. You however have the option of personally retrieving the lost data from the crushed hard drive. You can do so in a few easy steps.

  1. Remove the crashed drive from the computer and have it as a secondary drive in another computer. This computer's operating system should be Windows. Ensure that the crashed drive is detected by this computer.
  2. Boot up Windows. When you do this you should be able to copy and paste your files from the drive.

One problem you may face is that you may connect the drive and still can't open it thus access the files. The other problem is that you may be able to retrieve the files but cannot open it.

Before you panic, just download data recovery software which you can use to get your data back easily. There are many Windows tools that can help you retrieve the files but they may be costly. You can get less expensive software such as Recuva and Tenorshare Data Recover.

Recuva is free software but it may not be effective for extreme cases. You may use it to recover the files but they may not open. Tenorshare Data Recovery offers a more serious software solution. It is an affordable option that offers a more effective solution.

Download the Tenorshare Data Recovery and install it to the primary drive that you are booting the crashed drive from. If you install in the crashed drive, you may overwrite the very files that you are trying to recover. After installation, select "Partition Recovery" and several clicks later, you can have all your data.

One other way you can try to fix your crashed drive is to wrap it in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Leave it here overnight and pull it out when you want to work on it. Once out of the freezer, you have 20 minutes to work on it. Sometimes, this trick fixes the problem altogether.